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About Us

Lindsey P. Brackett has read obituaries on the radio, conned middle schoolers into reading Shakespeare, and directed musicals despite not having the ability to sing or dance. These days, she writes southern fiction infused with her rural Georgia upbringing and Lowcountry South Carolina roots. Her latest novel, The Bridge Between, is a follow up to her award-winning debut, Still Waters, the 2018 Selah Book of the Year. Someday Lindsey hopes to balance motherhood and writing full-time. Until then, she’s just very grateful for her public school system.

Connect with Lindsey at lindseypbrackett.com or on Instagram @lindseypbrackett.

A lover of stories from before she could read, Kristi Ann Hunter is the award winning author of more than ten sweet regencies written from a Christian worldview including the Haven Manor series and the Hawthorne House series. She functions on a steady diet of chocolate, Chick-fil-a diet lemonade, and swoony visits with her book boyfriends (and her hubby). When she isn’t writing, she spends time with her family in Georgia playing board games, being a dance mom, and living her own happily ever after.

Connect with Kristi on kristiannhunter.com or on Instagram @kristiannhunter. You can get monthly updates and insightful ramblings by signing up her newsletter or download one her free e-Novellas, A Search for Refuge or A Lady of Esteem.