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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert einstein
Episode 2: Balance

For our second episode, we discuss the elusive idea of balance. Einstein may have been a genius, but that doesn’t mean we have to necessarily agree with this idea that perpetual motion is necessary for a balanced life.

We do agree with Einstein that:

  • Physical movement is necessary to keep the bike going.
  • You cannot move forward or change your life by doing nothing. 
  • Important to know what level of pedaling you can do.
    • For example, mountain biking in the North Ga mountains is different than the mountain biking Kristi saw out west.
    • Some of us prefer stationary bikes–like the one at Kristi’s desk. So that’s how she writes so many books …

But we also disagree because:

You cannot stay on the bike indefinitely. 

  • There are times you need to rest and recharge the batteries. 
  • “Planned panic” is not a good way to live life, nor probably what Jesus meant by life more abundant (John 10:10).
  • You occasionally need to do other activities like take a hike or swim or something. (Did you know Lindsey has a goal of hiking 40 miles before she turns 40?)

People always tell Lindsey she’s too busy–as if they’re riding the bike that is her life. Kristi thinks when people say busy they actually mean balance.

No one says I’ve spent too much time with my family today, need to go to work. You know unless they have toddlers. Or teenagers. But then that’s about sanity not balance. 

When life is filled with things we’ve chosen and enjoy, life does not feel frantic.

That’s great, but how do we do that with our life? As people who work, how do we keep the bike balanced?

Kristi takes a walk around the house.

  • Work was taking over EVERYTHING.
  • Setting hours makes her more productive.

Lindsey has adjusted expectations as she enters a busy (abundant!) season: 

  • Establish a routine that works for you.
  • Realize the different surfaces you are biking on. An hour of mountain biking is different than biking down the street.

When people say they want balance they really want control.

When Kristi wanted to balance her email as part of her work life she attempted to “zero inbox” like her husband does.

Gmail has a snooze feature? How does that work?

But feeling like she had to have her inbox at zero stressed Kristi out. This method didn’t work for her like it did her husband, so she tweaked her old way that did make her feel in control–and balanced.

Your schedule does not control you. You control your schedule.

It’s important to find the thing that works for you–that’s why we call this A Rough Draft Life. 

Edit Your Life Challenge

Much the way Lindsey changed her rehearsal schedule, find some small thing in your life that you can control instead of having it control you.

We want to know what you are taking control over so your life can have more balance. You can talk with us and the rest of the podcast community on Instagram @roughdraftlife or connect with us individually @LindseyPBrackett or @KristiAnnHunter

Go out, edit your life, and make tomorrow better than today. 

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