Books and Bees with Neena Gaynor

Photo courtesy of Neena Gaynor
A Rough Draft Life with Neena Gaynor.

Meet Neena

When not chasing after my two joyful little boys, I enjoy beekeeping, a good cup of coffee, and writing. I write for my local newspaper, The Clarion, the online magazine Kentucky Today, and on my blog Words Like Honey.

I’ve spent much of the last decade traveling with my husband, Wade, a former professional baseball player. Throughout the 29 changes of address and the stresses of moving a young family, I’ve learned to embrace the peace that only comes from the steady accompaniment of Christ. I hope to lead others to a grace-filled life with Jesus through stories of our baseball adventures, my Appalachian upbringing, and beekeeping.

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About the Book

When Larkin Maybie buries her mother in the foothills of Appalachia, she is left all alone. Her only inheritance? A crazy aunt, a mountain of debt, and a run-down, secluded cabin left by a mysterious benefactor. While Larkin thinks an escape to a cabin miles from anything familiar might be exactly what she needs, the quick answer to her problems only leaves her with more questions… Questions concerning her true identity. 

As Larkin searches for her link to the Lewandowski Estate, she begins to accept the kindness of strangers on Presque Isle and the affection of professional baseball player, Ketch Devine. Charged with caring for the cabin’s honey bees and haunted by past choices, Larkin struggles to move forward in a new direction and is running out of time. With summer and baseball season coming to an end, she must decide: what is the value of true love?

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  • A Mosaic of Wings by Kimberly Duffy (historical fiction, Bethany House Publishers)
  • Strength of a Woman by Lauren Crews (Bible study, New Hope Publishers)
  • This Wandering Heart by Janine Rosche (contemporary romance, Berkeley)
  • The Bird and the Bees by Neena Gaynor (contemporary romance, Mantle Rock Publishing)

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