ARDL 214: Holiday Survival Guide: Schedules

There’s no question your 2020 holiday schedule will look different than it normally does. Kristi and Lindsey discuss how you can use that to your advantage to make next year even better and how you can make this year awesome in the meantime. 


Brought to you from our make-it-work basement offices where Lindsey is launching a new book. Magnolia Mistletoe is available everywhere in print and ebook November 10!

You can celebrate with us and fellow author, Elizabeth Musser, at the live launch party on Facebook. 

Holiday schedules are tough. That’s why we’re here to help you PRIORITIZE, PLAN, and PONDER how you can keep from being a Schedule Scrooge. To keep us all from being Scrooges, be sure to follow us on Instagram for some fun stories next week!

Episode Highlights

Decide what you most desire out of the holiday season. If relaxed meals are your priority, spread out the travel. If everyone on Thanksgiving is your priority, spread out your meal with dessert here, brunch here, etc. Forget everything that doesn’t align with your priority.
You need time to rest and maintain your routine. Keep in touch with normalcy by marking off days on your calendar. Protect your rest. If you can’t do full days, find moments like meals or bed times or something like that.
When the season is over, decide what you want to keep for next year. Put EVERYTHING on the table. You don’t have to eat turkey. Kristi’s family is okay with everything changing as long as her mom makes dressing. 

Edit Your Life Challenge

Determine your priority and put it somewhere you can see it and remember it.

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