ARDL 216: Holiday Survival Guide: Family Dynamics


Join us as we discuss the hard topic of family dynamics in the holiday season. No matter if you’re together in person or on Zoom, there’s bound to be some family tension surrounding your holidays. So how do you survive–and thrive–when everyone doesn’t share all the same opinions or emotions or preference for cranberry sauce??

One of our best tools for figuring out how to handle family dynamics is the Enneagram. Some of our favorite resources for using the Enneagram as a tool to understand people’s motivations:

  • The Art of Growth
  • @enneagramandcoffee on Instagram (Sarah Jane Case)
  • this article on flourishing during the holidays

Edit Your Life With Us

Name your absolutes for the holiday season and commit to walking away when the family dynamic might be too much. 

Maybe your absolute is …

  • time together
  • maintaining family ties
  • one good meal
  • opportunity to see extended family
  • safe gathering

These don’t have to be big, but they are the motivators you have for keeping the family dynamic from melting down if someone brings up the three Ps: politics, pandemic, pumpkin pie. 

If you don’t think pie is controversial, Lindsey invites you to her family Thanksgiving.

When in doubt, you can always play this.

We are thankful for our listeners!

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