ARDL 222: What We’re Loving – Winter 2021

Lindsey and Kristi are always looking for things that help make their tomorrows better. In this episode they each share a few of the things they’ve enjoyed over the last three months. 


Kristi Recommends

  • @sharonsaysso on Instagram for practical (and funny) government knowledge
  • therapy because it’s always good to process
  • a daily walk–and because Kristi finds walking boring she has a daily “walk and talk” on Instagram stories that helps keep her accountable

Lindsey Recommends

  • her new cellphone ring holder (she ordered this 4 pack)
  • blue light reading glasses (Lindsey’s came from Walmart but these are similar)
  • Instant Pot Bible for great IP recipes bc googling on the phone is hard even with a new ring holder

We’re sending some things to our own version of Pub Board (which is when a writer’s manuscript is up for review by all the people at a publishing house). These are stories both written and visual that we really love right now:

  • Bridgerton (did you hear our bonus episode??)
  • Runaway Bride (and other 90s favorites for throwback movie time with family)
  • Pudge and Prejudice (YA retelling by AK Pittman)
  • Becky Wade Bradford Sisters Series

Tell us what you’re loving this winter and what all is helping you make tomorrow better than today. 


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