ARDL 226: Seasonal Storage


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


When seasons change, it’s about more than just the weather. Sure, we’ve got to figure out where to store the jackets–or where to keep them handy–but we’ve also got to think about our lives change season to season. Whether it’s winter to spring, full-house to empty nester, quarantine to regular schedule, or living by the liturgical calendar, every season of our life requires storage. 


In this episode we discuss both the practical and the big picture when it comes to seasonal storage. 

  • how to keep your space available for use no matter the season
  • taking away in order to put out
  • creating space for your jackets–and your soul

Edit Your Life Challenge

Identify one area of your life (practical or spiritual) that will be changing with your new season and consider how you can best create space. 


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