ARDL 301: Authenticity

Episode 301: Authenticity

Welcome to Season 3! 

We are so happy to have you joining us as we embark on our third year with A Rough Draft Life. Our listening family means a lot to us and we’re glad to be back in your ears. 

Lindsey and Kristi spent a great deal of time over the past few months discussing how to make A Rough Draft Life the best it could be. There’s going to be a few changes around here but they are going to be for the better! 

A Rough Draft Life will now be a bi-weekly podcast dropping on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month. If there’s a 5th Monday, Kristi and Lindsey will share about a few things they are just loving in life. 

On the 2nd and 4th Mondays, special bonus episodes will drop for all of our special patrons over at Patreon! Story Time with Kristi will share a Bible story you’re probably a little familiar with but maybe never knew the extra zany details for. In Not Your Grandma’s Christian Fiction, Lindsey talks about books you might not have realized existed within Christian Fiction or some general market books with a surprising amount of faith content. 

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Our lives have changed over the course of the summer. Lindsey’s back teaching and Kristi is exploring new adventures in the writing world! We’ll likely share more about those changes as the season goes. 

Referenced back episode: Inside Publishing with Teresa Tysinger


Today’s discussion about authenticity is inspired by a passage in Michael Crichton’s book Timeline. (It’s also a movie.)

In the podcast we discuss: 

– why we feel betrayed by social media influencers but not TV advertisers

Under the Influence podcast (language warning)

– how the desire for authenticity effects our relationships and how we can more realistically align our expectations for our different connections

– the way the pandemic has shown us that our close circle is possibly smaller than we initially thought


Some final take-aways: 

– A relationship can be authentic without being fully deep and intimate.

– Authenticity is not the same as transparency. 

– Placing our relationships where they actually fit helps us feel more settled in life. 




Podcast hosts: Lindsey P Brackett and Kristi Ann Hunter

Intro/Outro music: GoodBMusic from Pixabay

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