ARDL 307: What We‘re Loving – Fall 2021

LovingFall2021.jpgAs we approach December, we know many of you are looking for ideas for Christmas presents for friends and family. We don’t know how inspirational this practical list will be, but here’s what we’re loving right now…. 

Mentioned in the episode: 

– Inexpensive ring light

Dr. Easy Elephant ear Wash Kit

– Caffeinated carbonated water (Bubbly, Aha)

– Bai and Bai Boost drinks

– Plastic bins and drawer organizers

Space saving flatware and knife organizers

– Facebook Mobile Business Suite

Home Chef (This link is Kristi’s affiliate link for $35 off, or use code KRISTIH206. You may find a better deal elsewhere and we’re okay with that!)


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Theme music by GoodBMusic on Pixabay. 


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