ARDL 311: Start With Why

StartWithWhy.jpgAll too often we find ourselves doing things because the what makes sense, but we never stop to think about the why. That means our motivation often falters. 

But what if we started by considering why we do what we do? What if we prioritized what truly matters to us? Fitness and productivity experts often say you need to remember your why when you want to quit, but that means you need to know your why to start with. 

Today Kristi and Lindsey discuss how to drill backwards in an area of your life where maybe you’ve already chosen your what and figure out your why. 


Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

The Golden Circle graphic and article explanation

Tauren Wells – Identity, Calling, Assignment Sermon


Kristi’s Instagram

Lindsey’s Instagram


Theme music by GoodBMusic on Pixabay. 

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