Goals with Regina Jennings

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Regina Jennings, goal setter extraordinaire and historical romance novelist, helps Lindsey and Kristi edit their lives in this week’s episode.

Most of us wear multiple hats and it’s hard to keep everything moving forward. Regina writes down 3 main goals that she’s working toward all the time. Here are her current ones:

  • Macy’s book
  • mission trip
  • speaking event

How do you break it down into small increments so you still get done by deadlines?

Regina writes down her big goals EVERY night so these are in her mind everyday. Then she writes the 3 smaller things she’s going to do the next day that move her toward the end of each goal.

This helps with the “I know I’m forgetting something” guilt we tend to carry. Plus, when you have a little goal you get to cross it over faster!

And at night this allows your subconscious to process so you actually wake up more focused. (We do not claim this to be a scientific study.)

However, this is not a TO-DO list or a routine. This is a way to set goals that enable you to accomplish more than your regular routine.

Regina finds 3 is her perfect number for forward-thinking goals that have an ending date. She keeps a “vision casting” list so she knows what goals she’s hoping to work toward next.

Edit Your Life (especially if you are Lindsey or Kristi)

Join us this week as we choose ONE goal and break it into manageable steps.

Watch our Instagram stories and posts as we share our goals and look forward to hearing about yours! Visit Regina Jennings at her website or on Facebook and be sure to check out her books!

Find Lindsey and Kristi on the socials @lindseypbrackett and @kristiannhunter. Visit our websites lindseypbrackett.com and kristiannhunter.com. Follow @aroughdraftlife on Instagram and/or Facebook and tell us about your goals.

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