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Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you are better than everyone, it’s walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.


Lindsey’s hair is curly again. She gets is straightened when she goes to the salon but she feels more like herself when it is curly.

Considering the quote, Kristi feels differently depending on what rooms she’s walking into. Sometimes she knows the people and feels like she’s in the right place. Other times she holds up the corner.

As authors, Kristi and Lindsey find themselves playing the compare game all the time. It’s a no-win situation. Her book is doing better than mine or her Instagram is better than mine.

Whether intentionally or not, we often set ourselves against each other. Sometimes we are trying to blend in. Other times we’re avoiding being overlooked. No matter why we compare ourselves, the point is that true confidence is being so sure that we know ourselves and our worth that we don’t need to compare at all.

“If you want to win, don’t compete. Because once you decide they are worthy of competing with, that have already won.” ~ Kobe Bryant

This quote is so confident that it almost sounds arrogant, that he’s discounting the other players, but we think what he means is that you have to keep your mind focused on what you can do instead of what others can do. If you let them into your mind, they’ve already won.

People often get the ideas of confidence, arrogance, and humility confused. Christians (and likely other belief systems) are encouraged to embrace humility but that often ends up looking like a denial of talents or a flood of insincere compliments.

  • Confidence – Full trust, belief in oneself and one’s abilities, assurance
  • Arrogance – Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride
  • Humility – not proud or arrogant, modest

Boasting about what you can do is different than admitting you are good at something and celebrating growth. Jesus was humble but he was also confident. He knew who he was but he wasn’t above washing people’s feet.

People can become overly proud of anything – even their naturally curly hair (like the girl in Peanuts), but false humility is equally annoying to those around you.

It is sometimes easier to claim a skill if you do it professionally, but we never need to deny the gifts and talents we’ve been given or those we’ve worked to accomplish.

Humility is not denying you are good at something, it’s admitting you still have something to learn. It is being open to growth and instruction.

Edit Your Life

Choose one thing you are good at and then tell someone. Post about it on social media (be sure to tag us!) or tell a friend or family member. This isn’t bragging or looking for approval. It is simply you revealing your confidence in who you are and what you can do.

If you have a friend struggling to see what they are good at, point it out to them.

Watch our Instagram stories as Kristi and Lindsey share some of their talents (beyond writing). Tag us and we’ll happily share some of your successes as well. We love to celebrate our listeners!

Find Lindsey and Kristi on the socials @lindseypbrackett and @kristiannhunter. Visit our websites and Follow @aroughdraftlife on Instagram and/or Facebook and tell us about your goals.

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