Good versus Should

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Also, anyone else feeling like their year has not gone according to plan? Yeah, we thought so.

When it feels like the world is shouting DO THIS, STAY, STOP, DON’T DO THAT, YES, NO, PIVOT HERE it’s okay to turn it all off and just “be still and know that I am God.”

Instagram and Psalm 46:10

Do you feel like there are things you should be doing right now?

  • wiping down all the groceries
  • attending all the Bible studies and church services available online
  • saying yes to all the Zoom invites
  • renovating your house
  • cleaning your closets
  • cooking big family dinners

Maybe it’s enough to just take care of the people inside your circle.

Look at what is good instead of what you should.

Ask yourself–what do you value?

“Our values drive our decisions.” Anne Bogel, Don’t Overthink It

Why Values Thinking Works with David Allison

You don’t have to do what “everyone else” is doing. Everyone usually means a few loud people in case you don’t remember middle school.

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Now go, edit your life, and make tomorrow better than today!

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