Sushi: Something New Summer

Photo by Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash

We’re trying four new things this summer! Join us every other week for a fun dive on something small from Lindsey and Kristi’s bucket lists. Up today? Kristi tries sushi for the first time–and Lindsey’s husband makes a guest appearance.

Why sushi? Because Kristi wants to feel confident when out with friends and sushi is suggested. Why not sushi? Y’all. Kristi doesn’t like fish. Send great salmon recipes STAT.

We ordered from this local place in Helen, Georgia. If you’re visiting the North Georgia mountains be sure to tag us if you check out sushi at Spice 55!

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What’s your favorite sushi? Soy sauce or no? Jump in on the debate!

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Now go, edit your life, and make tomorrow better than today!

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