Something New Summer: Pretty in Pink

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For this week’s Something New Summer, Lindsey and Kristi deep dive on a classic eighties movie. We’ve seen Dirty Dancing, Back to the Future, and ET. But we’ve never experienced the Molly Ringwald universe (and it’s not as extensive as Marvel’s in case you’re wondering). So using our fabulous scientific method of movie choice (i.e. streaming for free), we spent a night indoctrinating ourself on this iconic actress and one of her well-known films.

Armed with popcorn, M&Ms, and the presence of our teenage daughters, we attempt to make sense of why this was such a popular film–and whether or not it stands the test of time. For context when Pretty in Pink released over three decades ago … we were in kindergarten.

Our takeaways/questions:

  • There’s no story? What’s Andie’s goal?
  • We DID NOT LIKE her remade prom dress.
  • The clothes might have been the most interesting part of the film.
  • Was she trying to be her mom?
  • No one was very likable–who were we supposed to cheer for?
  • Sometimes it was more a movie about Duckie then Andie.
  • Blane and Andie have no relationship development and awkward kissing (and we both write romance so we’re authorities on this situation).
  • As much as Lindsey adores a friends to lovers trope, we did appreciate that Andie didn’t wind up with Duckie.
  • As a character, Duckie was interesting but he didn’t feel like a romantic hero.
  • Blane took WAY TOO LONG to stand up for Andie to his friends.
  • Are these kids really supposed to be in high school?
  • Annie Potts was the helper character, but it was still weird she hung out with the kids so much.

But the eighties rom-com, cliches and all, did give rise to a great library of teen movies in the late 90s and early 2000s. For example, a much better version of a similar story is A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray from 2004.

In conclusion, we thank John Hughes for starting a trend that allowed film makers and authors to examine what we really want out of entertainment. We want more than the ingenue, more than a Juliet who will give up everything for her man. We want to see a story that gives us a young woman who has agency for herself and her future but is able to build a relationship founded on more than good looks and great dancing.

Off to DM the Popcast now because a Knox and Jamie deep dive on Pretty in Pink is exactly what the world needs.

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