ARDL 220: Making Time for Healthy Habits with Katherine Reay

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

Such a delight to welcome bestselling author Katherine Reay to the podcast today! We chat everything from books to running to kitchen fails and offer up some practical tips for editing your life to include a healthy habit or two.

Meet Katherine

Katherine Reay is a national bestselling and award-winning author of several novels, including DEAR MR KNIGHTLEY, THE PRINTED LETTER BOOKSHOP and her latest, OF LITERATURE AND LATTES. She has enjoyed a lifelong affair with books and brings that love to her contemporary character-driven and literary-rich stories. Katherine’s has also written one full-length nonfiction work, AWFUL BEAUTIFUL LIFE. She holds a BA and MS from Northwestern University and, after seventeen moves, lives outside Chicago, IL.

Links Mentioned

Edit Your Life Challenge

What small steps are you taking this week to have a healthier year?

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When Lindsey and Kristi offered to help me with my recent Facebook launch party, I was relieved to have someone there with me to make sure I didn’t bore my readers! They definitely weren’t bored, but even more than that, Lindsey asked insightful questions that made for fun conversation, and she sprinkled in the promotional bits–reminders to buy my book and places where they could do so–that I, as the author, wasn’t as comfortable saying. In short, they made the process fun and easy and took much of the pressure off me! I heartily recommend them for any kind of online launch or Q&A.


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