Something New Summer: Grill a Perfect Steak

Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash
Plenty of guest grill masters featured in this episode.

If you’ve hung around at all, you know Lindsey loves to cook–but not follow recipes. Even if they’re from The Pioneer Woman.

Exception to this rule is pizza dough. It’s 100% Ree Drummond’s.

Lindsey has never grilled because–spoiler!–she’s scared to light the gas grill. But since that grill recently died, she’s feeling better about charcoal. Don’t worry she has an 8 year old grill master to help.


Grill a Perfect Steak recipe from Food Network

Instant Pot–Lindsey’s intuitive nemesis.

The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pizza Dough

You need a cast iron skillet.

The more often you use something, the more comfortable you are with it.

Lindsey P. Brackett

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